If you are new to the UPOINT Impermanent Calculators, spend one minute reading this instruction.

Below is the instruction for CALCULATOR 1. It is, however, very similar for CALCULATOR 2.

Just remember to choose the correct calculator for your purpose:

  • CALCULATOR 1 is for calculating impermanent loss of a SINGLE FUND added into a particular liquidity pool.

  • CALCULATOR 2 is for calculating impermanent loss of MULTIPLE FUNDS added into a particular liquidity pool over different periods of time. For example, you added a total of $5,000 to a CAKE-BNB pool in July. In August, you added another $3,000 to the same CAKE-BNB pool. And in September, you added another fund etc. 

 Enter the Symbol of Token A you are farming. The symbol should be 3~8 alphanumeric characters.

Eg., BTC, ETH, SHIB, 1INCH etc (not case-sensitve).

It will not affect the calculation but it will determine whether the token's icon is displayed correctly on the result page. Enter also the Price (when invested) of Token A when you join the liquidity pool.

  Repeat for Token B. Do not forget to enter the Quantity You Invested for Token B. Please take note that you do not have to enter the quantity of Token A as it will be automatically calculated based on 50%-50% pool weight ratio.

 Enter the Current Price of both tokens when you terminate the liquidity. Hit the "SHOW ME MONEY" button.

 At this stage, a basic summary will be displayed. To see whether you have made a profit or loss, enter the price and quantity of reward tokens. Hit the submit button again.

 A detailed result will be shown.

  You may bookmark the result for future reference. You may also send the link to someone or post it at places such as REDDIT for discussion.

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