Many users have transferred their SHIB wrongly using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network instead of Ethereum Network. Although the tokens are not lost forever, it might be tedious or costly to re-transfer them back to the correct network.

Many beginners have misunderstood the concept. Your crypto assets are not physically/digitally "saved" in your wallet whether it is a cold wallet or hot wallet.

By default Metamask and Trust Wallet do not display SHIB, xSHIB, LEASH, xLEASH, BONE and xBONE (see the green dash box in screenshot below). If you have these tokens in your wallet but are unable to see them, you may follow the simple instruction below to enable them.

When you created your first wallet account, you were told to "write down the secret seed phrase key and keep it somewhere safe". That is dangerous! There is a Chinese saying that the safest place is the most dangerous place and vice versa. Read on and find out how to keep a copy of your secret key safely.

I am using a Metamask wallet currently. How do I transfer my tokens to Trust Wallet (and vice versa)?

By default, Metamask displays the Ethereum Main Network. This tutorial shows how to add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in Metamask.

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