I am using a Metamask wallet currently. How do I transfer my tokens to Trust Wallet (and vice versa)?

Same assets. Same wallet address.

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Are my crypto assets "saved" in my wallet?

There is no need to "transfer" your coins or tokens if you simply want to switch wallet for viewing the same assets.

For example, if you are currently accessing your crypto assets from a Metamask wallet on your mobile phone and you wish to view the same assets with Trust Wallet, simply download and install Trust Wallet on your iPhone (without the need to uninstall Metamask). When asked to create a new wallet, choose "I already have a wallet" instead of creating a new one. Enter the 12 secret seed phrases which you earlier entered in Metamask. You will see the same assets with exactly the same amount showing up in Trust Wallet. This is because when you are using the same set of seed phrases for both wallets, they will point to the same wallet address in the blockchain where your assets actually reside. Your assets are not "saved" in the wallet software.

Different assets. Different wallet addresses.

If you have a second wallet address or intend to set up a different wallet address in Trust Wallet, then yes, you need to pay some gas fees and transfer them.

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