When you created your first wallet account, you were told to "write down the secret seed phrase key and keep it somewhere safe". That is dangerous! Read on and find out how to keep a copy of your secret key safely.

When a bad guy breaks into your house, the first thing he will look for is your safe box. And every safe box is breakable. It is very dangerous to keep a copy of your wallet's seed phrase key in its originally form in "somewhere safe" such as a security box. There is a Chinese saying that the safest place is the most dangerous place and vice versa.

You should keep your key in a format which only you can interpret. Even if it is stolen, you will have a second layer of protection. Here is a way to "encrypt" your seed phrase key. Best of all, you don't even need a private key to "decrypt" it as the private key is your brain.

INSTRUCTION: Mingle the Key

The original/correct sequence of seed phrase key:

1. apple
2. small
3. sunny
4. grape
5. dose
6. weasel
7. image
8. bind
9. crack
10. soap
11. thunder
12. theme

The mingled version: 

[A] apple
[B] bind
[C] crack
[D] dose
[E] grape
[F] image
[G] small
[H] soap
[I] XXXXXXXX <=== Secret word for extra safety
[J] theme
[K] YYYYYYYY <=== Secret word for extra safety
[L] weasel

Secret notes:

Each clue below is corresponding to the position of the phrase key. The clues should be something which you will never forget.

A = The birth-month of Alice (answer: "1" - for January)
B = The birth-day of my mother-in-law (answer: "8" - for Oct 8)
C = The house number of my property in Chicago (answer: "9" - for No.9, Evelyn Lane)
D = The number of siblings of Jefferson's family (answer: "5" - for 2 sisters and 3 brothers)
E = The number of distinctions I obtained in college (answer: "4")
F = The date my beloved father passed away (answer: "7" - for Jan 7)
G = The month I first met my wife (answer: "2" - For Jul 2)
H = My favorite number (answer: "10")
I = My best friend's birth-month. His name is XXXXXXXX Johnson (answer: "3" - for Mar 18 & XXXXXXXX is "sunny")
J = Dorathy's birth-day (answer: "12" - Aug 12)
K = The birth-day of my boss David Jackson and his nickname is YYYYYYYY (answer: "11" - for Nov 11 & YYYYYYYY is "thunder")
L = The house number of my parents in New York (answer: "6" - for No.6, Jefferson Street)

Make sure you have all the 12 words with the correct sequence. Try to unmingle them and see if you get the correct original sequence back before keeping them "somewhere safe".

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