By default Metamask and Trust Wallet do not display CAKE and SYRUP (the staked version of Manual CAKE). Please see the green box in the first screenshot below. You may follow the instruction below for the following purposes: 

  1. If you have transferred CAKE from CEX (such as Binance, etc) to your wallet but not seeing it there.

  2. If you are staking in PancakeSwap and want to see SYRUP (the staked version of Manual CAKE) in your wallet.

  3. If you want to see the CAKE you have earned after staking.

You need to add them as custom tokens in Metamask or Trust Wallet.

The instruction below is for Metamask. Since Trust Wallet does not have a browser extension, you need to add the tokens manually.

There are two ways to add the custom tokens:

  1. Add them manually by copying the contract address and paste them in Metamask. Since this method has been explained in SHIBASWAP: Adding SHIB, xSHIB, LEASH, xLEASH, BONE and xBONE to Metamask Wallet or Trust Wallet , we will focus on the second method below.

    * Please take note that the tokens' symbol images might not appear correctly if you add the tokens manually.

  2. Add them automatically at BscScan. This method only works for a Metamask browser extension. You need to manually add the tokens for mobile devices.

 Login to Metamask. Make sure the BSC Network is selected. If you have not added BSC Network to Metamask, please do it following this tutorial Adding Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network to Metamask .

 Go to  Binance (BNB) Blockchain Explorer ( and search for "Pancakeswap".

As you are typing, CAKE and SYRUP will show up in the search suggestions. First, let's select "PancakeSwap Token (Cake)".

 Select the 3-dot icon under "Contract". Choose "Add Token to Web3 Wallet". Again, make sure that you have logged in to Metamask.

 Confirm by selecting "Add Token". You will now see CAKE in Metamask. Repeat the similar procedure for SYRUP.

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