Speed up a pending ETH/ERC20 transactions in a Metamask wallet.

If you have used the Ethereum network, you should have experienced the problem of waiting too long for a transaction confirmation. This happens because the miners give priority to transactions with higher miner fees. When the transaction volume is too large, you will notice that your transaction processing time may be as long as several hours or even days.

If your Ethereum transaction is stuck due to low gas fee, you need to wait for the fee to drop before miners start processing your transaction. However, you can also choose to speed up a pending transaction by raising the gas fee in Metamask.

Principles of Speeding Up Transactions

The Ethereum Network allows users to add additional miner fees, as long as they re-send a transaction to the same destination address, using the corresponding Nonce value, and higher Gwei and/or gas price.

NOTE: "Nonce" is the number of transfers of an Ethereum address. Each time a transfer is sent, the nonce value of the address will be increased by 1, and the nonce value is continuous.

If the Ethereum Network finds that the nonce value of a transaction is 3 but the transaction record with a nonce value of 2 is not found for that same wallet address, the mining pool will wait for a transaction with a nonce value of 2. In this case, the transaction with the nounce value of 3 will always be pending.

If an address sends two transactions with the same nonce value, and the mining pool can actively choose the one with the higher miner fee, the other one will be cancelled.

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 Under the "Activity" tab, hit the "Speed Up" button.

 Click "Fast" and then click "Save" to ensure higher fuel prices.


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