Many users have transferred their SHIB wrongly using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network instead of Ethereum Network. Although the tokens are not lost forever, it might be tedious or costly to re-transfer them back to the correct network.

Remember that SHIB is an ERC20 token and the dog lives in Ethereum Network.

How to transfer SHIB from to a Metamask wallet?

I would assume you already have a Binance account. If not, you may use the link below to create one for free. This link entitles you to 10% commission for every transaction.

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Copying the wallet address:

 Login to Metamask. Make sure you are on Ethereum Main Network. If not, tap on it and select the correct network.

 By default, SHIB, xSHIB, LEASH, xLEASH, BONE and xBONE are not displayed in Metamask as shown in the green dash box. If you have not configured your wallet to display these tokens, please read my previous artilce (SHIBASWAP: Adding SHIB, xSHIB, LEASH, xLEASH, BONE and xBONE to Metamask Wallet or Trust Wallet). If you can see the tokens, tap on SHIB.

 Select "Receive".

 Tap on "Copy" to copy the wallet address into clipboard.

At website:

 Login at At the top-right menu, select "Wallet" >> "Fiat & Spot".

 You should see SHIB listed there.

 Select "Withdraw".

 On this page, you will see the minimum withdrawal required. You should not withdraw fewer than 50824 SHIB in this example. Binance will charge you a network fee for the transfer. The network fee will be deducted from the SHIB you are transferring. If everything is acceptable, click on "Address Management" >> "Add Address".

 Make sure you choose the correct "Coin".

 Paste the wallet address which you copied in Metamask into the "Address" field.

 Select the "Ethereum (ETH/ERC20) Network". DO NOT select the Binance Smart Chain Network. SHIBA INU lives in the Ethereum ecosystem.

 Under "Address origin", select "Wallet Address" and "Metamask". Hit "OK" and "Save" the address.

 In the address field, select the wallet address which you have just added. Again, please make sure the network selected is "Ethereum (ETH/ERC20)". Enter the "Withdraw amount". The actual amount you will receive is after the network fee deduction. Hit "Withdraw".

 Review the details before you hit "Continue".

 You will be prompted a "Security verification" window. Depending on the security level you set under Binance security settings, you will be asked for the "E-mail verification code", "Phone verification code" and "Google verification code" (using Google Authenticator app). Hit "Submit". If everything goes well, you will normally see the transferred SHIB in your wallet in less than 1~2 minutes.

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