The short answer is YES.

If you have purchased SHIB in Binance Global's website, you can transfer them from your Binance wallet to Metamask/Trust Wallet via BSC Network and pay only a very small gas fee (usually less than $1). Your SHIB will exist under BSC Network as Binance-pegged SHIB. You, however, cannot link Metamask wallet or Trust Wallet to ShibaSwap via BSC Network. That means you will not be able to swap, bury, dig your SHIB. You can only keep them in the wallet. It is probably safer to keep your assets in your own wallet than a CEX account. If something bad happens to the exchange, you still have your SHIB inside your wallet.

If you wish to use your SHIB in ShibaSwap, you have to transfer them back to Binance and transfer them back to your wallet again using ETH Network (and pay an insanely high gas fee).

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