You can transfer USDT from to via the TRX/TRON Network. The transfer fee is only 1 USDT. Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized digital platform with its own cryptocurrency, called Tronix or TRX.


 Go to >> Balances >> Exchange Account and look for the USDT asset.

 You should see your assets listed on this page. If it is not showing the correct available amount, your USDT is probably still under "Fiat Account". You need to go there and transfer the USDT to "Exchange Account". If everything is good, go to "Withdraw".

 Make sure "USDT" is selected under the "Tokens" field. As you can see here, Biinance's network is not supported here. So we will choose "TRC20" as it is supported by both Huobi and Binance. After all, the transfer fee is only $1.

 Switch to Binance website. Login and go to Wallet >> Fiat and Spot.

 Under "USDT", go to "Deposit".

  Select "USDT" and "TRX Tron (TRC20)" accordingly. If this is the first time you are transferring via Tron Network, you will need to generate a new TRX address. Click on "Get Address".

 A new TRX address will be generated for you instantly. Copy this address into clipboard. You need to paste this new address into the Huobi website shortly.

  Go back to Huobi website. Paste the TRX address into the "Address" field. Again, make sure you have selected "USDT" and "TRC20". Since the minimum withdrawal amount is 2 USDT and the transfer fee is 1 USDT, you must transfer at least 3 USDT. In this case, we will transfer 11 USDT. Click the "Withdraw" button.


 Hit "Confirm" once you have checked the withdrawal details and fully understood the risks.


 Depending on your Huobi security settings, you will need to go through different authentications. After clicking "Confirm", you will be directed to a pending transaction page.


 Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an email notification from both Huobi and Binance. Refresh the pending transaction page and you will see the details of the completed transaction.


 Go back to Binance >> Wallet >> Overview >> Fiat and Spot, you should see the USDT there.



Since the TRX address generated above is an internal address provided by Binance, you won't be able to view the transaction record under

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