Trust Wallet is listed in PancakeSwap's website as a supported wallet.

 But if you try to connect it from a desktop PC, sometimes it might be either non-responsive or you might get an error especially if Metamask browser extension is installed.

 In this case, you may use the "WalletConnect" feature to connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap.


 Point your desktop browser to

 On the top-right corner, click the "Connect Wallet" button. Select "WalletConnect" (do not select "Trust Wallet").

 A QR code will show up on the desktop browser.

 Open Trust Wallet on your mobile device. Go to SETTINGS >> WallectConnect >> New Connection and scan the QR code. It will usually take about 10~30 seconds to get a response.

 Tap the "Connect" button to approve connection.

 Once connected, you will see PancakeSwap listed in Trust Wallet.

 Go back to the desktop browser, you will see the "Connect" button on PancakeSwap's website is now displaying your wallet address. YOU ARE CONNECTED!

 To disconnect, you may either do it from the browser (click on the wallet address and click "Disconnect") or Trust Wallet (tap on the PancakeSwap listing and tap "Disconnect").


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