UPOINT:: Customers' Comments

 Note: As this list is getting longer, we will not be posting all our customers' comments here.

.... the calendar just makes everything perfect, just wanted to thank you for making such a fantastic script!! It works great!

Daniel Jordan
Mar 2005

Thanks for such a quick response for a "free" script [@1 Helpdesk XP v1.2].

In His Service,
Pastor Keith

United States
Nov 2004

Thanks again, your service has been so good I regret only buying the one script [@1 News & Image Scroller Pro] and not the premium membership.

Jeff St. Onge
Moosomin School Division
Apr 2004

I purchased the @1 Calendar Publisher I for a client's website. It's a county government site that wants a place to post town events. I have used your scripts in the past for other clients. I purchased the @1 Table Publisher and the @1 Word Publisher and have been very pleased with the ease of installation and the scripts ...... Keep up the good work! I know I'll be back.

Vickie S Acklin
Website Design
Apr 2004

Thanks for your help. Your scripts have been great. They are so easy to use and implement into your site. Your response to questions and problems has been excellent, far better than any other company out there! Thanks.

Brian Leimone
FBC Red Bank
Apr 2004

I just wanted to give you some great feedback about your scripts ... Your scripts are the best, and the membership fee is well worth it! I get asked all the time where I got the scripts from and how much they cost, when I tell them the cost they say... OH? - but I always tell them how worth it - it is, and to check out your site.

Mar 2003

.... all this has proved is that your Helpdesk is a pleasure to use and that your own support is first class and very impressive and gives me great confidence in you for the future.

Terry Tring
Focus On the Globe Internet Solutions
United Kingdom
Helpdesk XP user
Jan 2003

Email 1: Do you have a place where I can leave a comment and say that I am very satisfied with your service? Guestbook or something?

Email 2: After working with you and seeing your efforts to help your customers I would like to upgrade my membership from Silver to Gold.

Marco Herrmann
Herrmann Computer Services, Inc.
Silver Membership
Sep 2002

Thank you! I must say you sure do respond FAST. I have had times with some other scripting companies in the past when I could not get any answers after 10 emails over 2 weeks.
* Administrator: We normally respond within 8 hours with 3 hours being the average.

Matt Mahoney
Arclight Internet Solutions
July 2002

I would like to say in closing that I have spent a lot of money on scripts since I started web designing, and your scripts are not only the BEST that I have come across, but also the most useful. I have spent a lot more money on other scripts in the past and got a lot less for my money. Congratulations on a fabulous service!

Drew Armstrong
Webmaster, aged 41
Derbyshire, UK
May 2002

Your support service to me has been first class. I have recommended your company's products to my work colleagues and business partners based upon your customer service to me.

Michael Johnson
April 2002

I love your scripts. They are the best and easiest to setup and merge with the look of our sites. I love them. I've downloaded so many scripts on the net and I'm serious when I say that they rock.

John Heida
April 2002

Recently we subscribed to UPOINT Silver Membership and I must say we are very pleased with your excellent scripts! They are Top Notch ! Worth the money. Most of the scripts can be used on Windows servers as well has Linux/Unix machines!
* Administrator: Please note that many of our scripts are NOT officially tested in Windows environments. Only those marked with "Win" are. But it is glad to get such a favorable feedback from Axel.

Axel Stevens
March 2002

Thanks for the quick turn around. I wish all the business that I did on the net went as smoothly. We WILL do business again.

Jorge Rodriguez
March 2002

..... I am very happy with your work and will continue to use you for my cgi programming, and recommend you to my friends.

R. T. Smith
A webmaster of at
least 4 commercial sites
March 2002

Hi.  First off, I'd like to say that you all make some GREAT products!  I've installed your @1 Customer Records database and am now installing your @1 Invoice Me product.  I always recommend your products to my customers (I am a web designer/developer) and find them easy to install, modify, and work with!

Aaron Turpen
Web Designer
March 2002

What you really can be proud of is your service. I have never seen such a speedy one. I also appreciate your trust in giving support to me as I am not yet a registered user. For this reason and as promised I will register a Gold Membership this Monday. I will take a look at my mistakes and look over the configuration file as you have made it. Once again I thank you very much and you can expect my order this Monday.
Administrator: Ferry became our Gold Member two days later.

Ferry Strube
February 2002

It's people like you who make novices like me learn! I am EXTREMELY grateful! The BEST I can do to return your kindness is to tell people about your site...which I WILL do!

February 2002

Email 1: In comparing your memberships (which look like an extremely good offer), I want to verify your Gold Membership as it sounds too good to be true. This membership is life-time, for all current and FUTURE scripts?

Email 2: I'm impressed.  This is the fastest response I have ever received from an inquiry! I am signing up and looking forward to getting your scripts.

Email 3: .... just signed up for the Gold Membership. It is nice to see people putting the human factor back into business.  One gets tired of auto-responders and menu options in Support.  Very few companies offer the type of service they advertise anymore, and it appears that you do.

Email 4: Your scripts are fantastic and I stick by my statements. They are so well documented and intuitive, they are a pleasure to work with!

Terry S. Varga II
Senior Administrator
Gold Membership Member
January 2002

I just wanted to drop you a note and say Invoice Me is great! I set it up late last week, threw in some logos and made an entry page for my clients. It's an incredible product ..... Thanks again for an awesome program.

Richard Arsenault
Gold Membership Member
January 2002

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