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UPOINT's Remote Web Publisher (RWP) is not an online web builder. We do not host your web pages. RWP is an online editing tool that updates the contents of your web pages which reside in your own server. This MySQL-based content management system allows a web maintenance manager and his group of non-techie web operators to update a website's contents via ordinary browsers. The group manager (master user) can assign different HTML pages to be made editable to different group members (slave users).

SSL Certificate Authority
Besides our own server-based encryption for cookies, the signup form as well as the complete interface of Remote Web Publisher are SSL-enabled and they are capable of providing 128-bit encryption if you are running a 128-bit enabled browser. That means you can send sensitive information to the right place.

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Edit Web Pages Using Ordinary Browsers

  • Edit web pages via an ordinary web browser.
  • No script, software or plug-in program to install.
  • No FTP or chmod needed.
  • Update is instant.

With the special UPOINT tag pairs, master user may define various editable web sections for each web page. Ie., who can edit what. Contents that can be edited include text, images, URL links and email links. The types of editable pages are HTML, SHTML, ASP, PHP and others so long as they support the standard comment tags. UPOINT tag pairs are actually standard HTML comment tags. They are ignored by browsers and will not interfere with your existing HTML codes, Javascripts and so on.

With the built-in 2-way messaging system, effective communication can be carried out between master user and slave users. An image upload tool is also included.

The SmartLock feature prevents a page from being edited by more than one user at the same time. When a page is being edited by a user, it will be automatically locked to other users for 15 minutes or until the first user has completed editing. To find out more about SmartLock, please visit the RWP's FAQ. Sign up for a FREE account today!