UPOINT:: Our Network

 Brief History
Aug 1988: Pusat Percetakan U-Point formed.
Sep 1995: Moved to the present own building.
May 1999: Company website www.upoint.net launched.
Feb 2000: Web and network division formed - operating under Pusat Percetakan U-Point.
Jul 2000: UPOINT dotNET Enterprise formed to take care of the web and network division.
Feb 2001:  UPOINT dotNET Enterprise changed to UPDN Network Sdn Bhd (UPDN stands for UPOINT dotNET and "Sdn Bhd" means "Private Limited") which remained as our web and network division. There is no change of ownership and fundamental management.
Nov 2003: UPDI Network Enterprise formed to handle the web hosting and scripting business.

  Our Main Online Business

  • Perl CGI scripts and custom CGI programming.
  • Web design, Linux  web hosting and domain registration.
  • UPOINT Remote Web Publisher - Online content management systems.