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Does UPOINT use Linux or NT?

We use Linux.

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What do I get with my account?

We have several plans for you to choose from that are cost effective and more than capable of handling all your domain hosting needs. We don't charge you a setup fee and all accounts come with many valuable features such as web-based email, cgi-bin, FTP, SSH access, traffic statistics, FrontPage Extensions and more. Also, each account comes with a web-based hosting account admin control panel.

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Do I have to register my domain name or do you do that for me?

You may optionally register a new domain name with UPOINT at USD30.00 for a 2-year period. You may use your existing domain name if you already have one. The Primary and Secondary nameservers/IP addresses for your hosting account are:

  Name Server IP Address
Primary ns1.updinetwork.com
Secondary ns2.updinetwork.com

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How much disk space do I get for my web pages and graphics?

The Plan 3 comes with 1,000 MB of disk space and can hold over 50,000 pages with plenty more room for graphics, sounds, scripts, and other files!

The Plan 2 comes with 500 MB of disk space and can hold over 25,000 pages with plenty more room for graphics, sounds, scripts, and other files!

The Plan 1 comes with 250 MB of disk space and can hold over 12,500 pages with plenty more room for graphics, sounds, scripts, and other files!

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What are FrontPage Extensions and do you support them?

If you use Microsoft FrontPage to publish pages to the Net, you will need the FrontPage Extensions supported. We support FrontPage Extensions FREE OF CHARGE. You can also install or uninstall FP Extensions anytime yourself.

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Can I depend on fast downloading speeds when others access my site?

YES! Our bandwidth is provided by at least 6 upstream providers, each at 1,000Mbps. They include UUNET, Allegiance, Verio, AboveNet, Global Crossing etc.

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Do you offer secure server space for transferring credit card information?

YES! Our servers are equipped with the latest SSL technology so your customers can safely order your products or services online! Normally, any text sent from your browser is sent as plain text. This means that a hacker could potentially intercept the information sent from your browser and read it.

By using the secure server (SSL), the information is encrypted before it is sent. It would be practically impossible for anyone to decrypt it without knowing the key.

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What is a "parked" domain, addon domain and how much do they cost?

Parked domains are aliases of other domains. For example, say we have mary.com parked to your main account at steve.com. This would mean that anyone who goes to mary.com would automatically go to steve.com. There is no actual hosting involved with mary.com. Mary.com merely acts as a nickname to steve.com.

Addon domains are aliases of other hosting directories. For example, we can have john.com pointed to steve.com/folder1/index.htm.

Parked domains and addon domains are available for free. The quantity depends on the account type.

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Can I upload pages frequently?

Each account comes with one or more FTP/Telnet account. You have full access to your space via FTP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can update your site at your leisure.

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How much data transfer do you allow for my web site?

The Plan 3 comes with 30 Gigabytes of data transfer per month.

The Plan 2 comes with 20 Gigabytes of data transfer per month.

The Plan 1 comes with 10 Gigabytes of data transfer per month.

A typical website normally uses less than 0.5 Gb of data transfer per month.

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What is a cgi-bin and do I get one?

A cgi-bin is where you would store cgi scripts. These scripts are used to generate online order forms, guestbooks, shopping carts, counters, and more! YES, every account comes with a local cgi-bin! You can also run cgi scripts outside the cgi bin. Also, we do not use CGI-Wrap that makes script installation difficult.

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What is the Account Control Panel?

We offer a remarkable program, CPanel 8, to manage all the features associated with your hosting account. You can manage your email, cgi scripts, databases, mailing list, and much more! You can also view the current usage of disk space, bandwidth transfer, email addresses and so on.

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What about the Traffic Statistical Software?

Traffic analysis software comes pre-installed with every web hosting account!

If you already have an account with us, you can access your statistics from the Admin Control Panel.

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What about Technical Support?

We provide web hosting services to many clients and from experience we have found that handling support request via email to be to our clients greatest advantage. We answer all email on the same day it is received - most often in only a few hours.

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What kind of technical support do you NOT provide?

We do not provide any technical support relating to HTML syntax, Java programming, Java scripting, any 3rd party software, cgi scripts (unless they are UPOINT's scripts), nor any other non-network related aspect.

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What types of account activities are prohibited?

We do not allow sites with these nature:

  • adult content or pornography
  • software warez
  • a sole mp3 or video streaming/download center
  • a sole file download center

We also do not permit spamming or spamming related software on our system. Any accounts failing to adhere to these policies may be deactivated without warning.

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