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What types of email addresses can I setup?

Basically there are 2 types of email addresses:

(1) A forwarder email address

This is a "mimic" email address without a mailbox. All emails sent to this address will be automatically redirected to another email address you specified. For example, all emails sent to you@yourdomain.com are redirected to you_2002@gmail.com.

(2) An email address with an actual mailbox

This is a physical place where all your incoming emails are stored. To retrieve the emails, you may use an email client (such as Outlook Express or ThunderBird) or a browser to access Webmail. Instruction for setting up the email client is described below.

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How do I access my email account via Webmail?

Point your browser to www.yourdomain.com/webmail . You will be prompted for the username and password of your email account. Enter your FULL email address as the username (e.g. xxxx@yourdomain.com). Webmail is a very useful and convenient way to read and send emails when you are traveling or managing emails in an Internet cafe.

After logging in, you can use the web-based software RoundCube to manage your emails. If you have been using Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Gmail before, you will find RoundCube very similar.

Webmail is only for email addresses with mailboxes. It is not for forwarder email addresses.

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What are auto-responders?

You can set up auto-responders to automatically respond to incoming emails. Meaning, when someone sends you an email, he will receive an automatically replied email.

Each account plan comes with a pre-specified amount of auto-responds. Auto-responders can be set under the Webmail at www.yourdomain.com/webmail

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How do I change my password (as seen after logging into Webmail)?

Due to security and safety reasons, we are unable to retrieve your password for you in case you have forgotten it. We can only reset the password.

To change your password, login to the Webmail. You will see the "Change Password" icon near to the bottom of the page.

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How do I setup my email accounts for my desktop email clients (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, ThunderBird etc)?


Incoming mail (POP3): yourdomain.com
Outgoing mail (SMTP): yourdomain.com (or the one provided by your Internet connection ISP)
Account name (username): xxxx@yourdomain.com (use FULL email address)

Server port number:
   - Outgoing mail (SMTP): 587 (please do not use the default "25")
   - Incoming mail (POP3): 110

This server requires a secure connection (SSL): - unchecked -
Log on using Secure Password Authentication:
- unchecked -
Outgoing mail server. My server requires authentication: - unchecked -

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