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@1 File Store PRO v3.2

Member access + file archive system with multi-level folders. Users are differently grouped. Different groups have different access permission to different folders.

@1 AJAX Calendar PRO

Available now !


Built on AJAX technology, now viewers may switch to another month or view events without having to reload the whole page. The calendar can be called via PHP INCLUDE. No MySQL required.

We also provide custom-built PHP + Perl scripting services.

@1 News & Image Scroller PRO

Post scrolling news on your home page and manage the news via a browser. No MySQL or SSI is required. Simply install the script, cut-and paste the JavaScripts onto your HTML pages.

@1 Calendar Publisher I

Publish events, schedules or news to an online web calendar. Multiple events can be posted on the same day. The calendar can be called via SSI (for *.shtml pages) or a PHP INCLUDE (for *.php pages). No MySQL required.

  • Here are some old scripts by us. Although they were produced quite some time ago, you might still find them useful.
  • Want a custom-built PHP or Perl script?
  • Custom-built scripting services starts at $80.

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