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@1 News & Image Expander PRO
If you like our hot-seller @1 News & Image Scroller PRO, you will love this smilar script.

Post collapsible Javascripts news and thumbnails on your home page and manage the news via a web-based interface.

Systems:  Linux   Language: PHP   Release: Feb 2006

@1 Sponsored Links PRO v2.0
Let visitors submit links and logos to your site. Their links will only be added to the main data file once you have approved them. Random sponsored links can be placed on top of all links like the ones in Google.

- Random sponsored links
- Automated resizing/resampling for image uploads.
- Popup tooltip upon mouse-over

Systems:  Linux   Language: Perl   Release: Jun2006

@1 Graph Generator
With an interface which looks much like phpMyAdmin (but simpler), this script reads information from the MySQL database and generates "value vs. date" graph images dynamically.

It supports unlimited sets of graphs and is highly configurable. The tab-delimited datafiles can be exported/imported to Microsoft Excel or Access.

Systems:  Linux   Language: PHP + MySQL   Release: May 2005

@1 Categorized Headline Publisher (Perl)
Display categorized news on web page via SSI. If the news is newer than X days, a "NEW" icon indicator will be automatically shown.

You can also manage your category icons online.

@1 Word Publisher: (Perl)
This simple script allows a website owner to quickly edit a small section of text content on his web pages using a browser.
Systems:  Linux
@1 Thumbnailizer (PHP or Perl)
Convert an image to thumbnail on the fly. It is very useful when used as a plug-in for other scripts that display large image.
Systems:  Linux

@1 Active Table: (Perl)
The script reads tab-delimited text data file (converted from MS-Excel or MS-Access) and plots the data in an HTML table automatically. It doesn't matter how may rows and columns of data you have, the script will handle it automatically.
Systems:  Linux
@1 Auto Delete I: (Perl)
Automatically delete ALL files (in the specified directory) with file dates older than the specified days.
Systems:  Linux