Title: @1 Document Publisher: Frequently-asked questions
Please check this section before you email us for technical help.

  • How do I add a blank line after the description of each main titles and sub-titles?
    - Search for the following two lines (excluding the green parts) in the script and add the green parts:
    $titleHtml .= &indent x 2 . ' ' x 2 . $curDescription . $q->br x 2;
    $html .= &indent x 2 . ' ' x 2 . $curSubDescription . $q->br x 2;
  • How many main pages and sub-pages can I have?
    - Unlimited. Period.

  • How do I change the skin of Document Publisher?
    - You may select from 3 skins that come with the script. Simply change the portion
    my $skin = 'env';
    in the script (to 'cyber' or 'xp') and the new skin takes effect immediately and globally.

  • How do I number (section indexing) the documents?
    - They are done automatically after you have created/deleted a page or after sorting.

  • What would happen if I delete a main page?
    - The main page and its sub-pages (and images) will be deleted. They are actually deleted from the server thus leaving no junk files behind.

  • Can I used my own page design?
    - Yes. The documents are generated into the template you specified under the "Template" section.

  • How do I sort the documents?
    - You can either sort them (up/down) in a group or sort a page individually.

  • Do I need to create frames?
    - No. Not a single frame is involved.

  • Is the script executing fast?
    - Yes. It is lightning fast (usually 2~4 seconds even for "Rebuilt HTML") as there is only one script involved and it is only 26Kb.

  • How do I link to the main index page?
    - By default it will be .../docpublisher/title.htm (or index.html if your replace all text "title.htm" in the script to "index.html")

  • Any bug in the script?
    - Not at the moment. We have solved the last sorting-related bug.

  • Can I include a search feature?
    - Yes. You may use a third party search script or a remotely-hosted search script. Make sure that you use a script which can let you configure to search only *.htm files (since the system also uses *.fmt files). You may add the search form under the "Template" so that it appears on every page.

  • What is the "Rebuild HTML" button for?
    - When you add, edit, sort or delete a page (or changing the "Template" or "Configuration" section), changes are only made to the *.fmt files. You need to hit the "Rebuild HTML" button so that the latest versions of the *.fmt files are generated to *.htm files - the ones that the viewers see.
    - You need to hit the button only once - before you exit the admin interface. But rebuilding HTML frequently gives no harm (perhaps you want to visualize the final output from time to time while you are doing the editing).

  • How do I add an icon to a title?
    - Simply place an image tag into the title text input box. If the icon did not show up properly, use a relative image URL instead of absolute URL. For example: <img border="0" src="../images/folder.gif" width="18" height="16">

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