Title: @1 Document Publisher: Script updates
Check if we have updated the script since you purchased it.

01 Feb 2006: Layout made neater by separating items with horizontal lines and breaks.

26 Mar 2004: Fixed a bug where the main pages could not be deleted (most probably due to variations of newer versions Perl).

22 May 2002: Document Publisher now works well on most servers with Perl version older than 5.006 installed.

19 April 2002: Critical Updates:
This update resolves the security vulnerability that allows a hacker who is familiar with @1 Document Publisher's souce codes to by-pass the security check.

YOU MUST REPLACE THE SCRIPT if you purchase it before 19 April 2002.

07 Nov 2001: Successfully removed a sorting-related bug which gave sorting problems when there are more than 10 main titles or sub-titles.

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