Title: General Help
Go here if your script failed to run due to commonly-made mistakes.

     1.1 Acquire general installation or troubleshooting help
            How you can get free scripts and instant advice for testing and troubleshooting.

     1.2 SSI-related problems
            Common SSI-related problems.

     1.3 12 most commonly-made CGI mistakes
            The most common CGI mistakes made by our users.

     1.4 How to troubleshoot the configuration errors
            How you can troubleshoot for the mistakes using telnet.

     1.5 "Internal Server Error" or "Error 500"
            I am getting this error when running the script.

     1.6 I am getting "Incorrect Password" message
            The script does execute but incorrect password-related message is generated.

     1.7 Path-related problems for NT or MacPerl users
            Methods of setting the paths if you are using NT or MacPerl.

     1.8 Crontab - How do I set a cron job?
            Automate tasks by running programs at regular intervals using crontab.

     1.9 Help! We have a non-standard weird server.
            I followed all standard instruction but many of my scripts still don't run.

     1.10 Can I use Server-Side Includes (SSI) on my PHP page?
            Can I call a Perl script from my PHP page?

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