1 General Help
            Go here if your script failed to run due to commonly-made mistakes.

     2 Please install the script for me
            Can you please install the CGI script for me?

     3 I need a custom-built script
            Can you please create a special script for me?

     4 License, modification and reuse of scripts
            Issues related to licensing, script modification/reuse and purchase records.

     5 @1 Document Publisher
            Maintain your online documents via a browser.

     6 @1 Web Publisher
            Edit your web pages online via a browser.

     7 @1 Word Publisher
            Edit the text of web pages online via a browser.

     8 @1 Calendar Publisher I
            Online web calendar.

     9 @1 Calendar Publisher II
            Online web calendar .

     10 @1 Categorized Headlines Publisher
            Post categorized news on your web page - with category and status icons.

     11 @1 Active Table
            Plot an MS-Excel® or MS-Access® table into an HTML table.

     12 @1 Invoice Me
            Online invoicing system with automatic billing status indicator.

     13 @1 Personal Memoranda
            Let visitors submit their particulars to your searchable database.

     14 @1 Sponsored Links PRO
            Let visitors submit their site information and URLs - with notification features.

     15 @1 Age Status Indicator
            Display "NEW" indicators according to the age of files or folders.

     16 @1 Current Visitors Online
            Display number of visitors arriving website within the past X mins.

     17 @1 Day and Week
            Display the date & time zone by text and the day by an image.

     18 @1 Web Dictionary
            Online web dictionary. Words can be categorized.

     19 @1 Know Your Events
            Let your visitors view or search events. Support image upload.

     20 @1 Auto Delete
            Delete ALL files with dates older than the specified days.

     21 @1 Script Secure
            Protect your existing scripts by checking locations of the forms.

     22 @1 Newscroller
            Manage Javascripts scrolling news items via a browser.

     23 @1 Day Publisher
            Display the pre-programmed event for the current day on web pages via SSI.

     24 @1 Event Publisher
            Post events and display them via SSI on your webpage.

     25 @1 Customer Records
            Online customer database system.

     26 @1 Quote Publisher
            Display categorized quote of the day randomly via SSI.

     27 @1 Table Publisher
            Create, edit and display tables directly from a browser.

     28 @1 Content Board for Desktop and Handheld
            Maintain articles for desktop and PDA viewers.

     29 @1 Data Sorting Tool
            Read text-based data file and plot it inot sortable table.

     30 @1 HTML Email Template
            Send emails in HTML format with unlimited custom fields and email attachments.

     31 @1 Helpdesk XP
            A web-based customer support system.

     32 @1 Quick Info
            Display quick information by SSI.

     33 @1 Multi-List Image Randomizer & Uploader
            Create multiple sets of random image lists.

     34 @1 Reciprocal Link Checker PRO
            Check the presence of your links in remote webpages.

     35 @1 Thumbnailizer
            Generate thumbnails on the fly.

     36 @1 News & Image Scroller PRO
            Post scrolling Javascripts news on your home page.

     37 @1 Last Modified Date and Time
            This Perl script checks the "Last Modified" date and time of a file.

     38 @1 File Upload & Download Manager
            A searchable flat text database manager for managing file uploading and downloading.

     39 @1 Graph Generator
            Generate graph(s) dynamically/graphically using the server's GD module.

     40 @1 File Store
            File upload manager + Membership authentication system

     41 @1 FTP Regulator
            A tool for site owner to manage files under a regulated environment

     42 @1 News & Image Expander PRO
            Post collapsible Javascripts news and thumbnails on your home page and manage the news via a web-based interface.

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