UPOINT:: CGI Scripts:: @1 Web Publisher
  • Master Admin (login using master password): Disabled in this demo for security reasons (please see screenshots below)
  • Slave Admin (login using slave password " upoint "): Login here
  • View Result: | Test Page 01 | Test Page 02 | Test Page 03 |
    - The sample pages may look weird due to the test of previous users.
    - View the source of the sample pages and you will see some UPOINT tag pairs applied to define the editable sections.
    - If you do not see the updated results after editing (due to your computer's cache effect), try refreshing the pages or remove the "www" in the URLs.
    - The "center" alignment option for the image might not work in a table.


@1 Web Publisher allows a non-techie web operator to update his website's content using a browser. Please see also the more powerful Remote Web Publisher, a remotely hosted content management tool.

  • Master Mode (enter using a master password)
    - Add Mode: Add existing web pages into the editable file list to make the pages editable.
    - Delete Mode: Delete editable web pages from the editable file list.
    - Edit Mode: Edit editable web pages. This is the section where the master administrator has access to the complete html codes of a particular page. At this page, he may edit the html codes and add the "UPOINT tag pairs" (see below) to the page so as to define the editable area for the slave administrator.
    - View Mode: View editable web pages.
    Note: When you add/delete a page to/from the editable file list, you do not actually add/delete the page to/from the server. You only define it as editable/non-editable to Web Publisher.
  • Slave Mode (enter using a slave password)
    - The slave administrator may choose a page to edit (from the drop-down menu of editable files)
    - The slave administrator can only edit the content area pre-defined by the master administrator.

Tag Pairs:

UPOINT tag pairs. To make a section in your web page editable by Local Web Publisher, you have to define the section using a UPOINT tag pair. They are actually in the format of an HTML comment tag and will show fine in your web editor such as MS-FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

There are 4 types of tag pairs:

Textbox tag pair:
<!-- upoint type="textbox" name="Section 1" rows=10 -->
Your text goes here.
<!-- /upoint -->

Link tag pair:
<!-- upoint type="link" name="Link 1" -->
<a href="http://www.upoint.net">Back to Homepage</a>
<!-- /upoint -->

Email tag pair:
<!-- upoint type="email" name="Email 1" -->
<a href="../contact.updn">Contact Us</a>
<!-- /upoint -->

Image tag pair:
<!-- upoint type="imageURL" name="Image 1" -->
<img src="monica1.gif" align="left">
<!-- /upoint -->

For the Image tag pair: If only the filename is specified in the image tag, then the default image directory will be used. To use an image outside the default directory, specify the full image URL starting with http://. You may choose the image alignment from a drop-down menu (default, left, center or right).

Screen shots: Admin interface

Screen shots: Skins

You may select from 3 skins that come with the script. Simply change the portion my $skin = 'env'; in the script (to 'cyber' or 'xp') and the new skin takes effect immediately and globally.


Details here


  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.


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