UPOINT::CGI Scripts:: @1 File Upload & Download Manager



A searchable flat text database manager for managing file uploading and downloading.

  • You may define your own allowable file extensions. You may also use your own icons. Default pre-defined extensions are:
    pdf zip jpg gif png doc xls mdb ppt txt rm mov wmv
  • Database can be categorized. You define your own categories.
  • Maximum file size allowed can be specified.
  • File sizes and record dates displayed in search results.
  • Auto detection of file types (ASCII or Binary). Uploads will not corrupt the files.
  • Ranking - Select "Top" to place records at the top of search results.
  • A hidden remark field which is only shown to the Administrator.
  • Maximum x number of records displayed per page. You define the value of x. Click "Next" to view the next page.


  • Written in Perl. No MySQL or SSI required.
  • Only script, updownload.cgi

1. Open updownload.cgi with a text editor. Go to Step B and configure the script.
2. Search for "Category A", "Category B", "Category C" and "Category D" in both updownload.cgi and admin.htm and change them to your own categories.
3. Create a folder called "updownload" under the root directory. Copy all folders/files in the ZIP file to this folder. Chmod the "updownload" folder to 755.
4. Create a folder called "files" under the "updownload" folder above and chom to 777.
5. Chmod the updownload.cgi script in the "updownload" folder to 755.

  • Template

    1. Edit template.htm to suit your own web theme.
    2. Create your own HTML page and place +++ (three plus signs) where you want the search output inserted.
  • Membership

    You may setup .htaccess authentication to password-protect the uploaded files while still allowing the database to be searched.


  • You may use filters in this format to list only uploaded files that meet a certain criteria:
    ..... updownload.cgi?Title=XXXXXXX    Eg. Title=Instruction%20File (use %20 to replace white space)
    ..... updownload.cgi?Category=XXXXXXX    Eg. Category=Music
    ..... updownload.cgi?Date_Added=XXXXXXX    Eg. Date_Added=2004
    ..... updownload.cgi?Ranking=XXXXXXX    Eg. Ranking=Top
  • You may also mix different filters:
    ..... updownload.cgi?Title=XXXXXXX &Category=YYYYYY


  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.


Price: USD49.95 + Life free upgrades & support

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