UPOINT:: CGI Scripts:: @1 Table Publisher

Login as Master Administrator: Login (features disabled)

Login as Sub User: Login (full features available)
   Try: password = upoint1 and password = upoint2

View HTML tables:
   - Table 4 Created by Master Administrator
   - Table 5 Created by Master Administrator

Try to import a Microsoft Excel data file:
   - This file is exported from Excel using tab-delimited text format. Try creating a new table by uploading the file Book2.txt (select Tab as delimiter).
   - Once the table is created, go to the Edit mode. You will see that some empty cells are initially missing. Once you have clicked "Save" and return to the Edit mode again, everything will look just fine. The script can most of the time recognize empty fields automatically.

Calling the tables:
   - tables are call using the format:


where X is a number


The is a completely revised and improved version of our popular Active Table. It is much powerful in the sense that administrator (login using master password) and sub-users (login using sub user passwords) can create multiple tables and edit the tables directly from the browser.

Sources of Data:

Source 1: Import tab-delimited text files converted from Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access (and upload using the browser).

Source 2: Create new tables from blank directly on the browser.

Source 3: Use existing text data files on the server. These files might be the ones being used by other database CGI scripts.

Export tables to Microsoft's products

Whether you are using "Tab", "Semicolon" or "Pipe" as delimited in the script, all the tables can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access. Detailed procedure is available here.

  • If comma is present in a cell, the data of that particular cell will be automatically bracketed with double-quotation marks ( " ) when the file is saved as tab-delimited text file.
  • There is a variable in the script for you to toggle this feature on/off. By default it is set to "on". If you are working on existing data files produced/used by other database scripts, you might want to set the variable to "off". Detailed instruction is available when configuring this variable.
  • Due to this same reason, all double-quotation marks ( " ) entered into the cells are automatically removed by the scripts (to prevent conflicts).

Supported Delimiters

  • Tab-delimited
  • Pipe-delimited
  • Semicolon-delimited
    * comma-delimiter is currently NOT supported by this script.

Master Administrator and Sub Users

Master administrator (login using master password) has full control. The actions highlighted in RED are NOT available to Sub Users (login using sub user password):

- Clear Database: Remove all tables from the database including all sub users' status.
- Add New User: Create a sub user (multiple sub users supported).
- Add New Table: Create a new table.
- Edit: Edit existing table.
- View: View existing table in HTML.
- Delete: Delete a table.
- Download: Copy and save the text into an external file.

Master administrator's power:

- Master administrator can view/edit/delete his own tables as well as all tables under the sub users.
- The master administrator can delete a sub user's status by deleting all that sub user's table.

Sub users' status:

- When login using a sub user password, the sub user can only view, edit or delete his own tables. He can also create new tables.
- When creating a new table, the sub user is not allowed to use "existing data file in server" as the table source for security reasons.
- If a user deleted all his tables, he still hold his sub user status (the password is still valid). He can re-create new tables later.


  • You may optionally have the result plotted in your own template.
  • You may specify the followings:
    - global text box size (for table cells)
    - table width
    - cellpadding & cellspacing
    - border
    - font type, size
    - table and cell alignment
    - background colors and so on ....
    - See configuration details here.

Columns and Rows:

  • It doesn't matter how may rows and columns of data you have, the script will handle it automatically.
  • If you are importing form Excel or Access, it is advisable that you place a dash ( - ) in the empty fields (to prevent out-of-alignment of rows and columns) although the script can most of the time recognize empty fields automatically.

HTML in Headers:

  • You can use basic HTML codes in the cells. For example <b>, <font color=red>, <font color=green><u> .... Please note that the closing tags such as </b>, </font> and </u> are not necessary.
  • Using the HTML codes, you can make the first row or first column your title fields.


  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.


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