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  • Admin Control Interface
    (password = upoint)
  • Result page
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Display quick information by SSI. The information is in the format of "Field1 Field2". Examples:



  • Admin Control Interface:
    - Password-protected.
    - Can add unlimited rows of info.
    - Can edit existing info.
    - Can delete the last row.
    - Can select colors for text.
    - HTML codes supported such as <b>, <u> ...
  • Others:
    - Date of "Last updated" is automatically updated.
    - No MySQL needed but requires SSI.
    - Can define your own colors for the color selection boxes.
    - Can adjust the server/local time difference for the time stamp.
  • Tips:
    - To remove a field, leave the field completely blank and hit "Save"
    - To add an empty row, enter a white space to the field and hit "Save".
    - To underline a label, use the tags <u>Your Label</u>.



  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • SSI needed to display the quick info.


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