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Online invoicing system with automatic invoice emailing, late payment email reminder, payment status indicator, print mode, figure-to-text amount converter etc. The customers, after entering the correct customer IDs, can view their OWN invoices.

Invoice Me has an admin and customer interface with high privacy .

  • Admin interface
    - Add, edit or delete invoices.
    - Password is required (if password is correct, input of Customer ID is optional).
  • Customer interface
    - Only customers with their respective 6-digit Customer ID may view their own invoices (can be configured to 8 or more digits).


  • Auto-Newsletter - Automatically send out newsletters to customers (immediate or delayed mode). Can do bulk mail to ALL customers or the selected ones. See demo and details here.
  • Auto-Reminder - Automatically send out email reminders to overdue accounts. Can turn off this feature for selected invoices. See demo and details here.
  • Auto status indicator - Invoice (unpaid), Partly Paid, Paid or Over Paid.
  • Auto calculation - Showing the total (after tax and discount) and outstanding balance.
  • Print Price - Convert "$9,387.89" to "Nine thousand three hundred eighty-seven dollars and eighty-nine cents" with one click.
  • Send invoice - Option to email the invoice to customer when creating a new invoice (sample here).
  • Hide paid invoice - Administrator or customers may choose to view only unpaid or partly paid invoices.
  • Hidden remarks - Place special confidential remarks on the invoice. It is only shown to administrator.
  • Short list - Admin or customer search results will be first tabulated in rows. Click on any listed item to display the actual invoice.
  • Generate new invoice (using existing customer particulars) - One-click button for creating a new invoice with customer's particulars (customer ID, customer, address, email, terms, message and confidential remarks) already filled.
  • Send Email - Send an email to the individual customer.
  • Send notice - Email a late payment reminder to customer. This button only appears in admin interface and for unpaid/partly paid invoices only (sample here).
  • Print mode - Additional click-and-popup window showing printable invoice (usually simple and with your company logo).
  • Tax and discount - Optional input fields. If used, tax will be automatically added to total sum whereas discount will be deducted.
  • Auto invoicing date - Editable.
  • Auto invoice number - Non-editable.
  • Result sorting - Newer invoices place on top (can be reverse).
  • Templates - 2 fully customized result output types. Just create two normal web pages and place +++ (three plus signs) at the location you want the results to be printed. One template is for the normal output (to suit your website's layout) and the other template is used for the Print Mode (simple layout).
  • Convertible data file - Data file can be converted from/to (two-way) Microsoft Excel or Access file.
  • Reliable - Hold more than 10,000 invoices without heavily increase in search time. High level of data file security if you place it in parallel with your root directory.
  • Info security - By default, "Customer ID" must be exactly 6 characters (can be changed). Error message is generated when more/less than that is used during
    - invoice creation by administrator.
    - invoice search by customers.

Installation & Testimonials:


  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.


Price: USD49.95 + Life free upgrades & support

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