UPOINT:: CGI Scripts:: @1 Graph Generator

Types of Graphs:

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Bar chart - single graph Line chart - single graph Bar & line chart - double graph


  • This PHP+MySQL script reads information from the database and generates graph(s) dynamically/graphically using the server's GD module.
    - See below for explanation on GD module.


Graph data entering:
  • Graph data can be manually entered or imported from a tab-delimited text file (sample here). A tab-delimited text file can be converted from/to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access. See procedures here.
  • Graph data can also be entered on a day-by-day basis - useful for stock exchange, foreign exchange, commodity prices etc.
  • Graph data can be reset or edited.

Type of graphs:

  • One or two graphs can be shown per page. If only one graph is required, simply enter "0" (zero) for all values for the second graph.
    - See the sample here. The second column = first graph data. The second column = second graph data.
  • Support unlimited sets of graphs.  You can use different templates for different graphs. In the demo above, there are 3 sets of graphs:
       (1) UPOINT Share Prices - template01.htm
       (2) British Pound vs. US Dollar - template02.htm
       (3) Crude Oil Prices - template03.htm
    Simply place a +++ anchor mark at the location where you want the graph printed.
  • Show maximum/minimum value for the last X number of days, date of last data entry, value of last data entry, changes of value etc.
  • Graph layout is highly configurable. See config file.

View Graphs:

Point your browser to:

graphgen/view.php?firm=X .... show current year
X&graph_year=YYYY .... show the year YYYY

where X is the graph ID and YYYY is the year.


  • PHP + MySQL

  • Easy installation. Run smooth. The entire ZIP file, including the installation and licensing guides, is only 28Kb!

  • You need to have the GD module installed in your server to use this script.
    The GD module is required to produce images and in this case, the graphs.

    To find out if GD is available, create a file called "info.php" with only these codes:

    <?PHP phpinfo() ?>

    Upload info.php to your website and point to it from the browser. If GD is present, you should see something like this.

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