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The use of these generators is completely free. No registration. No return links.

Voting Booth Generator:

Generate a CGI Perl voting script for your online survey form. You may call the voting booth by SSI or by pointing directly to the script.
  • One question, multiple answers.
  • Customized voting page, result page and error page.
  • IP & cookie checking to prevent multiple votes (with time-out period).
  • Sorting of results based on number of votes
  • Optionally display a bar graph.
  • Customized color scheme.
  • See screen shot
  • Test the demo
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Formailer Generator:

Generate a CGI Perl formailer for your contact form.
  • Multiple email destination selection (with different email addresses). E.g. Sales Department, Technical Department, General Manager etc.
  • Individual customized confirmation page (thank you page) for each email destination
  • Up to 10 optional or required additional fields
  • Referral security check - this prevents a hacker from executing the formailer using a form outside your domain.
  • Opitional field sorting.
  • Optional autoresponder.
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Pop-Up Window Generator:

Generate the Javascripts codes for pop-up windows.

Scrollbar Color Generator:

Generate the CSS codes for creating colorful scrollbars.