UPOINT:: CGI Scripts:: @1 File Store PRO v3.2

-- New Features Added in Version 3.2 --

  1. Language Files - Now all words/phrases are placed under one single language file. You can now easily edit the words/phrases or even create your own language file.

-- New Features Added in Version 3.0 --

  1. Bulk Email
    1. The Bulk Email link will only show up on left menu when logged in using Admin username/password. Only the Admins can send bulk email.
    2. After clicking the "Bulk Email" link, Admins can compose and send email to selected recipients. Admins can edit the header/footer of the template when installing the script. Anything composed and sent in the Bulk Email feature will be sandwiched between the header/footer of this email template. Email will be sent in text format.
    3. Bulk email with RADIO BUTTON options for:
      - All Admins, Sub-Admins and Group Users (ie, everybody)
      - All Admins only
      - Sub-Admins only
      - All Group Users only (ie, everyone except Admins and Sub-Admins)
      - All Users in a particular Group only (all Groups should be listed and Administrator can select ONE group only)
    4. Email addresses not revealed to other recipients.
  2. Subscription
    1. A Group user can turn on/off subscription under the PROFILE.
    2. When another Group user has uploaded a file, email will be sent to all the users who subscribed. If automatic approval is turned OFF in the config file, the email will only be sent when the Admin or Sub-Admin has approved the upload. If automatic approval is turned ON (ie, no approval is required), email will be immediately sent.
    3. The notification email contains a direct link for downloading the file.
  3. Added Settings in Config File to Make Fields Required/Optional
    1. You may now specify which are the required or optional fields on the new signup form.
  4. Display 10 Last Uploaded Files
    1. Displaying 10 last uploaded files immediate after user login. The files display is only for folder that he/she can access/view. Only confirmed/approved files will be displayed.
  5. Folder/File details statement (For 10 last uploaded files feature)
    1. Added folder column (clickable) to go into the folder where the files are uploaded to. Added file description column to download the file, and also zip.
  6. Settings (Admin only)
    1. Suspension:
      Admin can suspend/unsuspend the site. Any user (except Admins) trying to log in or access the signup form will be greeted with customized message.
    2. Greetings :
      Admin can setup greeting message that will be displayed immediately after user login. This message display can be turned on/off.
  7. Bulk Delete (Admin Only)
    1. The Bulk Delete can be used for deleting files before/ on/after a selected date. By default the date displayed in the dropdown selection boxes will be the current date.
  8. Extra Features On Users Page
    1. Added subscription column to the USERS page.
    2. Enable user subscription status to be edited by Admins/Subadmins.
    3. Added users statistics so that you may know how many Admins/Subadmins/users you have in the system. Also showing the number of people subscribing.
  9. Added Statistics for Upload/Download Log Page
    1. Display upload/download statistics.
  10. Pending (X)
    1. Added number of pending files to Pending menu item. Note that "Pending (X)" only shows up on left menu when logged in as Admin/Subadmin and where there is at least one file awaiting approval.
  11. Bypass of Login
    1. This feature was only available previously upon customer's request. Now it is added to the standard version.
    2. You may create multiple public login so that visitors do not have to sign up to access the archive. Simply create accounts with username "guest_XXXXX". Ie., give the username the "guest_" prefix and "XXXXX" can be anything. By doing so, the visitors will get an "Access Denied" message if they try to edit the Profile. You may create multiple guest logins with different access permission.
  12. Icons
    1. Added icons for username, password, telephone and email.

-- Bugs Corrected --

  1. Download Problem
    Fixed: Under PHP5, clicking on the file description to download the file would result in errors.
  2. Undefined Variable for HTTP_POST_FILES Issue, For File Upload Problem
    Fixed: Starting from PHP 4.10, $HTTP_POST_FILES is depreciated. Now using $_FILES instead.
  3. Clearing an old bug: quotation marks ' and " in the folder name issue
    Fixed: Quotation marks in a folder name would cause MySQL script failure.