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Demo: Admin Interface

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- Demo of the new v3.2. Only quick-loading GIF graphics used for demo. No Flash or video.

Websites that use this script:

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  Demo: User Interface

Remember to logout before you try different logins.

>> Guest Access: Login as guest 1

In this access. . . .
- The user is from a group named "Public".
- No login is required to log in as guest.
- "Folder 4 " is invisible to you. Only "Gold" member can access this folder.
- You cannot edit "User Profile" when logged in as guest.

>> Guest Access: Login as guest 2

In this access. . . .
- The user is from a group named "Gold".
- As a higher level member, you can access and upload to "Folder 4 ".

>> Normal Access: Signup a new account or login

- New account signup is automatically approved with upload permission.
- Username and password required to log in.
- You will be automatically added to a group called "Public".
- Use this demo if you want to test the "User Profile" section.

** As Administrators or Sub-Admins, you can create direct login accounts by giving a "guest_" prefix to the username. For example, "guest_kevin", "guest_diana" etc. Clicking on a link like this, the customers can view the public sections without entering the username/password.

Settings used in this demo:

Maximum file size allowed 150Kb
Auto-approval of new user signup Yes
Auto-approval of uploaded files Yes
User can delete his own files Yes
Enable ZIP feature No
File extensions allowed jpg, gif, png, txt, pdf, htm, html, doc & xls


A file archive plus membership access system written in PHP + MySQL.

How does it basically work?

  1. Users signup or get added by the Admins or Sub-Admins.
  2. The Admins or Sub-Admins decide which "Group" each User belongs to.
  3. The Admins create folders and sub-folders for file archiving. The Admins decide which "Group" of Users can access which folders and sub-folders.
  4. Depending on the folder setting and access permission, Users can download and/or upload files.

Main Features:

  • See new features of version 3.2 in Change Log.
  • New User Signup
    - You can set in the config file which mode to use:

    1 = No need approval. User approved automatically and assigned to the pre-defined group. Instant access to file archive.
    0 = Require approval from Admins or Sub-Admins before a new User's account is accepted.
  • Access Status
    - There are 3 types of access status in this system: Admins, Sub-Admins and Users.
      Admins Sub-Admins Users
    Can add/edit/delete Admins or Sub-Admins? Y N N
    Can create folders/sub-folders? Y N N
    Can create groups? Y N N
    Can view logs? Y N N
    Can send bulk emails? Y N N
    Can edit global message? Y N N
    Can suspend system? Y N N
    Can bulk delete files? Y N N
    Can add/edit/delete Users? Y Y N
    Can approve new Users? Y Y N
    Can assign Users to groups? Y Y N
    Can approve/edit/delete files uploaded by users? Y Y N
    Can upload to folders marked "Admin upload only"? Y Y N
    Can copy and move files? Y Y N
  • Groups
    - The Admins can create multiple user Groups.
    - A group may contain multiple Users. Each User can only be assigned to one group.
    - The Admins pre-defines different welcome messages for different groups. Upon login, different Users will see different messages depending on the groups they belong to. HTML supported in welcome messages.
  • Folders
    - The Admins can create multiple folders and sub-folders.
    - The Admins decides which groups (of Users) can access which folders and sub-folders.
    - The Admins can make folders and sub-folders "Admin upload only". In this case, only the Admins and Sub-Admins can upload files to these folders.
    - The Users will ONLY see the folders and sub-folders accessible to them.
  • File Upload Approval

Mode 1: Admin or Sub-Admin approval required ("PUBLIC_APPROVED" set to "1")

- When a file is uploaded by a User, emails will be sent to all the Admins and all the Sub-Admins.
- When the file upload is approved by either an Admin or a Sub-Admin, it will be made visible to the Users. Email will be sent to the User informing him that the file he uploaded has been approved.
- The Admins or the Sub-Admins can edit/delete the uploaded files.
- The Admins or the Sub-Admins can upload files directly (no need approval).

Mode 2: Admin/Sub-Admin approval NOT required ("PUBLIC_APPROVED" set to "0")

- When a file is uploaded by a User, it will be added directly to the file list.
- Email notification is turned off since no approval is needed.

  • User Management
    - Only the Admins can create/edit/delete Sub-Admins.
    - The Admins or the Sub-Admins can edit/delete the profile of any User. They decides if a User has the authority to upload files. If not, the User can only download files.
    - Emails are sent to all the Admins and Sub-Admins when a new User has signed up.
    - Email is sent to the User when his account is approved.
    - The email notification can be globally turned off in the config file.

Special Features:


  • PHP4 or PHP5, MySQL v4.x or v5.x
    - Please report any bug here.

  • Linux OS

  • Tested under IE6, IE7, FireFox 1.x/2.x, Netscape 8.x/9.x, Opera 8.x/9.x etc.


(1) Configuration file (2) Installation instruction (3) F.A.Q for this script

Languages Available:

English (US) English (UK) Italian (IT) German (DE)
Portuguese (BR) Russian (RU) Spanish (ES) Ukrainian (UA)
  • Only ONE language file for the whole script.
  • The translation in the language files might not be 100% correct. If you have found some errors, you can easily edit them using a text editor. If there is a need, you may easily create a new language file.

@1 File Store PRO v3.2 (219Kb only):

 This free version is FULLY FUNCTIONAL. The only limitations are:

 1) Invalid license will be displayed on the certificate if you click on the license link at the bottom-right in main page.

2) Only 3 files will be listed per page on the folder view (in the commercial version the default is 20 and you can change the number).

@1 File Store PRO v3.2 (219Kb only):


  • USD59.95  (We charge an additional $30 for installation. Kindly make installation payment here.)
  • Software license (see certificate sample here) will be generated based on ONE domain name. Additional licenses at merely $10 per license.

Upgrade Policy:

  • Minor upgrade: Free (example: upgrade from 3.x to 3.z)
  • Major upgrade which does not require a license regeneration: Free (example: upgrade from 3.x to 4.z)
  • Major upgrade which requires a license regeneration: $10 (example: upgrade fromv3.x to 4.z). Free if purchased within the last 6 months.


  • We provide a conditioned 30-day money back guarantee. You are encouraged to try the fully functional free version before you purchase. Full refund will be provided only under these conditions:

    (a) The script is defective, buggy or does not run well under your server.
    (b) Any other reasons as deemed reasonable by UPOINT.


  • In the commercial version, the only file obfuscated is the "main.php" license file. There are only a few (but important) lines of codes inside. There is almost no HTML or formatting-related codes in it. You do not need to customize this file. Also, if you wish to translate the script, you do not need to touch this file.
Select your preferred payment gateway

- mydomain.com
- member.mydomain.com

- The host where this script will be installed. License will be generated based on this info.

* You may pay via PayPal with or without a PayPal account.
  We prefer PayPal (especially if you have a verified PayPal account).

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