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Add-On Features:

These features are for advanced users only. Please ignore them if you don't need such features.

  • The main script, "faqpublisher.cgi", is written in Perl.
    25 Feb 2004: The add-on scripts, "make_static_faq.php" and "gotonumber.php" are written in PHP.

Newly added feature

1) Results displayed as static HTML pages (25 Feb 2004):

The articles managed by FAQ Publisher are now indexable and searchable by search engines! On the demo in the previous page, you can see that the articles are dynamic. Meaning, they are generated on the fly. So they are not indexable by some search engines.

UPOINT has just created an add-on script in PHP which reads the MySQL data (created by faqpublisher.cgi) and generates static HTML pages (in *.html extensions). This means that all the articles are indexable and searchable by search engines. This will definitely increase your visitor hits!

make_static_faq.php: Generate static HTML pages now
2) Search the HTML pages

3) Jump to a particular article

- This is useful for quick references. For example, you might want to place the simple search box in your front page. Visitors who know the article numbers (you might have told them in the email, they might have read the articles or they might have been told) can jump to those pages immediately.

4) List the latest X number of articles via SSI

- See demo here (right column). You may set how many articles to show. You may set the number of characters to display before it is truncated.

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