UPOINT:: CGI Scripts:: @1 Event Publisher


Post events on your webpage via SSI. Events can be either posted by the administrator or visitors (pending approval by administrator).


  • Admin modes: Administrator can search, add, edit or delete events.
  • Posting of events by visitors: The events will be temporarily kept separately until it is approved by the administrator.
  • Event icons: The zip file comes with more than 20 event icons. Users may optionally choose to include an event icon when adding a new event.
  • Date sorting: Events are automatically sorted by date.
  • Number of events shown: Administrator may set the maximum number of events displayed.
  • Customization: Font size, face, color, the number of events displayed and so on are customizable.
  • Empty fields: Some fields such as "Venue", "Web", "Email" and "Public remarks" are optional during event posting. Empty fields are skipped and will not be displayed in the SSI output.
  • Searching of events: You may optionally create a popup window to the "user search form" if you have a lot of events in the database.
  • Public remarks field: This field is shown to the public.
  • Private remarks field: This field is only shown to the administrator (not to the public) in the admin mode. You may use this field for keeping confidential remarks for an event. E.g., the advertisement payment status, person to contact ....


If you are displaying the events in multiple SHTML web pages and wish to display the events of a category, call the script via SSI using the following formats:

  • To show all events with the phrase "PC Fair" in the title:
  • To show all events with held in "London":
  • Free version does not support "?Icon=xxxx".

Note: Replace space with %20

PRO Version:

Only available in PRO version:

Last updated: 15 March 2005 - version 2

  • Removal of the UPOINT return link.
  • Filtering - To show all events under the category "Computer" or "Book":
  • NEW: Image upload & resampling/resizing - Administrator and visitors can upload JPG or PNG (not GIF) images directly from a computer or digital camera. Even if the original image is a few Megabytes in size and with huge resolution, the scripts will automatically re-process it and reduce both the file size and dimension. I.e., shrink down the original image for faster download.

    - A thumbnail will be automatically generated. Clicking on the thumbnail will show the larger re-sampled image. You can define the maximum width and height of both the thumbnail and re-sampled image.

    - Administrator can remove/reupload images.

    - You need to have the Perl GD module installed in your server to use these features. To check if you have GD installed, follow this instruction.
  • NEW: Automatically hide past events - Past events are not displayed. Only current day's or upcoming events are displayed. Past events are not deleted from datafile. This way, you can periodically download it for future reference.
  • NEW: Manually hide upcoming events - Selectively hide upcoming events. This is useful when you are waiting for a customer to pay you for advertising his event.
  • NEW: Email notification - Notify administrator when someone has submitted an event (pending administrator's approval).
  • NEW: Popup details - Automatically truncate long description and show details in a popup window.
  • NEW: Easier customization - Customizing of colors and fonts is even easier now.
  • NEW: Extra fields - Extra "State" and "Contact" text fields. You can easily rename them if you want to.



  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • Perl GD modules required for PRO version. To check if you have GD installed, follow this instruction.


LITE Version: Free

* Please note that we do not provide technical support for this free script.

Copyright notice:
This software is free for personal and commercial use as long as the return link to UPOINT (as shown in example above) is not modified or removed.

PRO Version: $39.95 + Life free upgrades & support

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PC Fair 2001
The PC Fair is here again in town. Visit us for the best bargain.
Venue:Komtar, Penang
Date:December 08, 2001
Time:11am ~ 8:30pm
Interested dealers please contact Mrs Lewis at 03-444 7575 for booth booking.
e-Commerce for Your Website
Professor Edward Johnson shows you how to take the first step into e-commerce.
Venue:People Parade, Cambell Avenue, Austrialia
Date:December 31, 2001
Printer 2002
This exhibition is organized by The Printing Association, Singapore. An estimated 40 newly designed printing machines will be on display.
Venue:Orchard Plaza, Singapore
Date:January 11, 2002
Time:9am ~ 8:30pm
First day visit is via invitation only
My Home Internet Festival
Due to the great response received last year, we have decided to organize this festival again this year.
Venue:Komtar, Penang
Date:February 20, 2002
Free @1 Event Publisher by UPOINT
Home Flower Exhibition
The three-day flower and fruit exhibition will be held in Chitradurga from today. The exhibition will be held from February 18-20.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, Deputy Commissioner S R Umashankar said that the exhibition has been organised under the aegis of Horticulture de .... more
Date:06 Jul 2019
Venue:St. James Street
Time:All day and night
Printer 2020
This exhibition is organized by The Printing Association, Singapore. An estimated 40 newly designed printing machines will be on display.
Date:04 Apr 2020
Venue:Pahang Hall
Contact:Mr Alfred Wong