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@1 Document Publisher allows a non-techie website operator to easily create online documents. It is suitable for installation guides, handbook, FAQ, manual and so on .... all in an organized manner with index numberings.

Maintaining your online documents has never been easier. To add a document, simply type (or using cut 'n paste) the text contents into the input boxes, name the title/description and optionally choose an image. Everything is automatically generated once the Submit button is clicked.

Document Publisher is so easy to use that you can manage the documents yourself without the help of a web designer. This saves you time and money.

No HTML knowledge is required. But if you do know some HTML, you may use some basic HTML tags such as bold, italic, font color and so on.

Screen shots: Skins

You may select from 3 skins that come with the script. Simply change the portion my $skin = 'env'; in the script (to 'cyber' or 'xp') and the new skin takes effect immediately and globally.


Details here


  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.


Price: USD49.95 + Life free upgrades & support

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