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This script grabs contents from a text-based data file and sorts the data before tabulating it into a HTML table. Visitors may click on and to sort the whole table based on that particular column.

This tool can work on any of the following data files:

  • Existing text-based data files: Most non-SQL database CGI scripts save records in a text-based file. This script can be used in conjunction with your existing database CGI script. While you use your existing CGI script to maintain your database, you can use Data Sorting Tool as a standalone gadget to sort and tabulate the data into a table.
  • Microsoft Excel: After creating a spreadsheet, save the contents as "tab-delimited (*.txt)" data file using "Save As ...".
  • Microsoft Access: Similar to the above.
  • Tab, pipe ( | ) or colon ( : ) delimited text file: Create the data file using a text editor. Each record should be in one row. Fields in each record are separated by tabs, pipes or colons.

You can also use Data Sorting Tool:


  • Sort arrows: Visitors may click on and (ascending/ descending) to sort the table. The current sorting mode can be recognized by the darkened arrow or .
  • Primary column: Primary column which the table is sorted upon can be separately colored.
  • Your own template: The table can be tabulated in your own template. Simply create a template page and place +++ (3 plus signs) at the location you want the table printed.
  • Default sorting column: Choose which column to be sorted by default.
  • Default order: Ascending or descending.
  • Number of rows and columns: The script can determine the number of rows and columns by itself.
  • Ignore columns: You can specify which column(s) to be ignored when the table is tabulated. This is useful if that field(s) contains data which is not useful to visitors but important for the database system.
  • Field titles: You can include the field titles using two methods:
       " Bank|Telephone|BLR|Loan|Max|Remarks "
    - As a variable in the script.
    - Using the first row of the data file.
  • Title highlight: Toggle title-bold or title-underline on/off.
  • HTML code inclusion: You may use HTML codes as part of the cell contents.
  • Table settings: You may customize the look of the table. For example: table width, cell alignment, cell padding, cell spacing, border, font face, font face, font size, font color, cell color .....

Installation & Limitation:


  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.

Price: USD39.95 + Life free upgrades & support

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