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A searchable database system which:

- keeps your customers' particulars, credit card information, contact details and other remarks.
- records the items which your customers have purchased from you.
- shows the current alert status of the customers (billing, follow-up, collection & others)
- allows bulk emailing to all customers who have purchased certain products.


  • Admin interface
    - Ability to add, search, edit and delete customer records.
    - Individual or bulk emailing.
  • Individual Emailing - Click on the button under each customer record to send an email to this customer.
  • Bulk Emailing - Search and send an email to ALL "found" customers. Search can be made on various criteria. For example:
    - Send an email to all customers who have purchased the product "Super Hot Chili Sauce".
    - Send an email to all customers who stay in England.
    - Send an email to all customers whose records carry a certain remark.
  • Alert Mode - Preset with 4 default alert modes: Billing, Collection, Follow-up and Others (description can be changed). This is particularly useful when searching for marked customer records.
  • Print Mode - Customize your print page using a second template (the first one is for admin interface).
  • Auto record date - Automatic date-stamping when adding a new customer record. The date is editable.

Other Features:

  • Templates - 2 fully customized result output types. Just create two normal web pages and place +++ (three plus signs) at the location you want the results to be printed. One template is for the admin interface (to suit your website's layout) and the other template is used for the Print Mode (simple layout).
  • Convertible data file - Data file can be converted from/to (two-way) Microsoft Excel or Access file.
  • Reliable - Hold more than 10,000 customer records without heavily increase in search time. High level of data file security if you place it in parallel with your root directory or cgi bin.
  • Renaming fields - You can manually rename the fields. Simply search and replace the field names (case-sensitive) in the scripts and forms.
  • Empty fields - If you do not enter information for certain fields, the empty fields will be skipped in the admin interface.



  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.

Price: USD34.95 + Life free upgrades & support

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