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Full-Screen Monthly Calendar:

Events publishing to online web calendar. Supports multiple sub-users with individual calendars.

See another calendar product: @1 Calendar Publisher I

Master Admin Mode:

  • Create multiple calendar sub-users. Each sub-user will have his own calendar.
  • Delete sub-users.
  • View sub-users.

Sub-User Mode:

  • Individual calendars: Support unlimited number of sub-users. Each sub-user can edit his own calendar. Each calendar's data files are kept separately. Each calendar can be called individually.
  • Controls: Add events, delete events and edit events.
  • Template: You can format the opening and closing HTML template of your calendar page in a separate file that can be written in regular HTML. If you call the calendar on the same window, you would usually want to use your own template so that the calendar is inserted inside your own web theme. BUT if you are calling the calendar in a pop-up window, it would look nicer if the pop-up window contains only the calendar itself. In this case, leave the variable empty. To have your own template, create a normal HTML page and place three plusses +++ where you want the calendar inserted.
  • Font: Can specify font size, font face ....
  • Upcoming events: When calling the script using "calendar2.cgi?mode=latest&id=XXXXXX", it automatically lists "n" number of nearest coming events under the calendar. Administrator can specify the value of "n".
  • Maximum query days: You may specify the maximum number of days to search for the upcoming events above. This will reduce server load when you have a large calendar database.
  • Add/Edit events by date range: You can one-time add/edit events that span between two dates. So if you have the same event for 20 days, you do not need to post the events 20 times.
  • Image icons: You can optionally select an icon for an event.
  • Other images: You may include image(s) in the subject and message fields. Please see examples below.
  • Basic HTML: The subject and message fields support basic HTML codes.
  • Subject text truncation: You may specify the number of text characters to be displayed on the calendar table before the subject text is truncated. If an image HTML tag is inserted, it will be automatically recognized and this truncation feature is then omitted.
  • Preset color scheme: 5 preset color schemes for the calendar are included.
  • Flexibility: The calendar table automatically adjusts itself when you resize the browser window.

Compare @1 Calendar Publisher I & II:

Please note that @1 Calendar Publisher I and @1 Calendar Publisher II are totally two different scripts. CalPub-II is not an upgrade version of CalPub-I. The table below helps you to determine which script to adopt:

  Calendar Publisher I Calendar Publisher II
Add, edit & delete events Y Y
Full monthly calendar view Y Y
Compact monthly calendar displayed via SSI Y N
Display "Today's Events" and "Tomorrow's Events" via SSI Y N
Can post unlimited events for each date Y N
Support unlimited sub-user accounts. Each user has his own calendar N Y
Can insert images into day cells of monthly calendar N Y
Can enter events over a date range N Y
Support image icons in day cells N Y
Price $49.95 $39.95



  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.


Price: USD39.95 + Life free upgrades & support

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