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Aug 2019
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Nov 11, 2020
Labor Day Red Rock 4 Wheelers Campout

Nov 19, 2020
Moab Century Tour
Skydive Moab Festival

Nov 23, 2020
Annual Gem & Mineral Show

Dec 2, 2020
Moab Information Center 2009 Lecture Series
Fallen Arches Square Dance Club
5th Annual Robert Burns' Tribute Concert

Dec 8, 2020
Annual Mardi Gras Fashion Show

Dec 10, 2020
Quilting in the Red Rocks Quilt Show

Dec 14, 2020
Racing in the Rockies

Publish events to online web calendar.

  • C/w add, edit and delete admin interface.
  • C/w 3 predefined color schemes (gray, red and blue). Can define own color scheme.
  • Can specify font size, font face ....
  • Automatically list "X" number of nearest coming events under the calendar. Administrator can specify the value of "X".
  • View events by individual days or list all events in a month.
  • Automatic highlight current date.
  • Dates with events are darker.
  • You may change the date format from mm.dd.yy (default format) to dd.mm.yy OR dd-mm-yy.

Live Demo:

Screen Shots
Easy to customize the look (calpublisher.cgi)


FULL-SCREEN monthly calendar view mode (monthly.cgi).

Select to show only "Today's Events" or both "Today's Events" and "Tomorrow's Events" (daily.cgi) by SSI or PHP INCLUDE.


Compare to @1 AJAX Calendar PRO:

Please note that @1 Calendar Publisher I and @1 AJAX Calendar PRO are totally two different scripts. The table below helps you to determine which script to use. We highly recommend @1 AJAX Calendar PRO.

  Calendar Publisher I AJAX Calendar PRO
Add, edit & delete events Y Y
Mini calendar Y Y
Full-page monthly calendar Y Y
Events shown using expandable/collapsible DHTML N Y
Display "Today's Events" and "Tomorrow's Events" via SSI or PHP INCLUDE Y N
Can post unlimited events for each date Y Y
Use only basic HTML Y N
use Javascripts & DHTML
Support category icons for events N Y
Can enter events over a date range N Y
AJAX loading when switching month N Y
Language used Perl PHP


You may change the date format from mm.dd.yy (default format) to:
dd.mm.yy OR dd-mm-yy. Pease see details at FAQ of our Help Center.

Displaying the calendar on your webpage:

From a SHTML page via SSI using this tag:
<!--#include virtual="calpublisher.cgi" -->

From a PHP page via PHP INCLUDE using this tag:
<?php echo @stripslashes( @join( @file( "http://yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/calpublisher/calpublisher.cgi" ),"" ) ) ?>

Note that you must use FULL URL for the PHP INCLUDE.

Entering the Admin Interface:

Enter the calendar using this URL:


  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • SSI tag (for *.shtml pages) or PHP INCLUDE (for *.php pages) is needed to call the calpublisher.cgi, daily.cgi or monthly.cgi script.

Change Log:

  • Latest version is v1.2 last updated on 04 Feb 2009. Config variables for all 3 scripts are moved to config.dat. Script modified slightly for easier style formatting.

Free Download:

  • This free version is fully functional except that:
    - the main scripts are encrypted.
    - a tiny UPOINT logo with return link will appear below the calendar.

(45Kb only)


Price: USD49.95
- Life free upgrades & support + No return link or logo + Non-encrypted

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