UPOINT:: CGI Scripts:: Auto Delete II
  • Admin Control Panel
    - In Test Mode only. The files will not be actually deleted from our server.
    - Password =
  • Example:
Path Ext Days Files Oldest File Found
/home/publish/www/images * 30 23 files alias.gif [127 days]
/home/publish/www/publicimages gif 10 1 files m6v2.gif [119 days]
/home/publish/www/template htm 15 1 files template.htm [129 days]
/home/publish/www/cgi shtml,htm,html 60 5 files template.htm [100 days]


  • Delete files in your server which are:
    - older than
    X days
    - of certain file extensions
    - in certain folders
  • Monitoring and configuration can be done via the web-based Control Panel.
  • For Unix/Linux/Windows system only.


  • E.g. Delete all *.jpg and *.gif files in the "abcd" and "wxyz" folders provided that they are older than 30 days - regardless of the permission setting of the files.
  • The script can be run
    - manually from a browser: call the script at
    - automatically using crontab: call the script directly at .../autodelete2.cgi
  • Support deletion of files in multiple folders and of different ages.
  • It shows the number of files found (with the criteria matched).
  • It shows the oldest file in a folder (with filename and age shown).
  • It shows the detailed report of the last deletion.

Test Mode:

You can toggle on/off the test/actual mode. Under the test mode, files are not actually deleted. Instead, the action will be printed on screen. Action will not be printed when in actual mode.


  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.

Price: USD39.95 + Life free upgrades & support

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