UPOINT:: CGI Scripts:: @1 Age Status Indicator for Files and Folders


  • Pointing to a file: The script checks the last modified date of the file and shows an image indicator according to the age of the file.
  • Pointing to a folder: The script scans* through ALL the files in the folder and determines the latest last modified date. It then shows an image indicator according to that age.

    * The script scans all files and not simply checks on the date of the folder itself as this is less accurate. This is because the date of the folder will not be updated if a file in it is edited. The folder date will only be updated when a file is added into it or deleted from it.


  • Admin interface - You may perform the followings:
    - Change password
    - Set the level of age distinction (1 level or 3 levels)
    - Set the days (X, Y and Z)
    - Set the reference files or folders (unlimited numbers)
    - Set the HTML to be displayed (may display either text or images)
  • Two levels of age distinction
    - 1 Level :
         show a "" image if age is less than X days
         show nothing if age is more than X days
    - 3 Levels:
         show if age is less than X days
         show if age is between X ~ Y days
         show if age is between Y ~ Z days
         show nothing if age is more than Z days
  • Two modes - Can point to a single file or a folder. If pointed to a folder, the folder's age is dependant on the newest file in that folder.
  • Omit sub-folders - If pointed to a folder, the sub-folders and all files in the sub-folders will be ignored. Only the files directly in the pointed folder will be scanned.


1) Business news and financial information.
2) Latest updates on e-marketing.
  3) What's up.
  4) Useful tools and gadgets.

< 14 days
14 ~ 30 days
30 ~ 60 days
> 60 days (no image)


  • Rename your existing webpage to *.shtml extension and embed this SSI tag at the location you want the image indicator to appear:

    <!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/filecheck/filecheck.cgi?X" -->
    where X is a reference number for the file or folder you want to check. Please note that you may use as many SSI tags as you like.


  • Perl
  • No MySQL needed.
  • No SSI needed.

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